Harry Dingwall
By: Doug Rector ~ 4/18/2019

Harry is on right.


Joined Mercer Island July 1961---Distinguished President 1981-82----Co-Kiwanian of the Year 1994-95 and 2000-2001

Distinguished or Outstanding club Secretary more years than countable including all years at that position previously.

1994-95 Club Officers' Merit Award [International]---Division 28 Lt. Governor 1998-99     Hixson Fellow

   Meritorious Division Bulletin Award [District]---In 1999 sent a letter to the Gates Foundation requesting consideration of contributing for I.D.D.   Subsequently a letter was received from the Gates Foundation stating reconsideration was to be made.  Subsequent to receiving that letter $15,000,000 was contributed to UNICEF for I.D.D. by the Gates Foundation. 

P.N.W. District Committees on which previously served are:---Wenatchee and Pendleton Conventions plus Division Realignment

P.N.W. Interclub District Chair 2002--2004---Transferred to Issaquah [noon] club late fall 2003

P.N.W. District Program Director Community Services 2004-2005---P.N.W. Club Administration District Chair 2005-2006

P.N.W. Past Lt. Governors' Assn. co-"Bigfoot Of The Year" award 2005-2006---Past Distinguished Secretary Kiwanis Club of Issaquah---Lt. Gov. again 2010-11---2011---2013  Secretary Mercer Island---Honorary member Kirkland Sunrisers Kiwanis plus advisor/mentor and also to Redmond Kiwanis.  P.N.W. and Kiwanis International Life member---2013+ President [again] Mercer Island Kiwanis---Again secretary of Mercer Island 2016-17---P.N.W. District Jack Delf award recipient 2015.

President Mercer Island again 2017---18---2017-18 Dist. Chair for "Social Networking" a.k.a. INTERCLUBBING