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Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah!

The Kiwanis Club of Issaquah, has been serving our community since 1929.  As a group, we can achieve what individuals cannot do alone. To learn more, join us for a fun and informative meeting any Wednesday at noon! KIWANIS- Let us make noise and have fun serving, "ONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE one child and one community at a time. "Enjoy your service" to the community!

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Issaquah Kiwanis Environmental Committee – What do we do?
by: Sherry Dietz

We are a committee of the Issaquah Kiwanis club focused on environmental projects within the greater Issaquah community that provide opportunities for Kiwanis and affiliated clubs to restore and enhance the environment in alignment with the club mission.  We also hold ourselves accountable to demonstrate efficiency by guiding the club to be more efficient in all operations.

We start at home – in our Building and Operations

Our Building:

We are working toward increasing efficiency of the Gibson hall to retire fossil fuel at every opportunity and to prepare to participate in the use of renewable energy.  This transformation is being kicked off with the replacement of a 32-year-old water heater.  We will be performing a PSE energy assessment to help prioritize future projects.  The committee is also researching options for purchasing renewable energy for the building.  A few of the options are the PSE Green Power Program or Arcadia Renewable Energy.    READ MORE!


 Clerk's Memory Etched in Metal and in Students' Lives...


Metal is refined through a crucible. Linda Ruehle’s memory is refined not only in the metal of a striking and whimsical statue on Sunset Boulevard, but also in a Kiwanis Scholarship fund aptly named the “Linda and Jeff Ruehle Scholarship.” Here is Linda’s crucible: Her only son, Jeff, died in a Motorcycle accident right before his senior year in Issaquah High School...READ MORE




We also fundraise for:

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Kiwanis/SIGN PNW Kiwanians in Support of the  Surgical Implant Generation Network (SIGN) 

Project Missions:  PNW  Kiwanis: Healing Broken Bones to Save Broken Families