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Events for August 2017

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Liberty K-Club 8/1/2017  
Issaquah K-Club 8/1/2017  
Kiwanis Luncheon 8/2/2017 Gibson Hall
G & O Committee 8/3/2017  
Issaquah K-Club 8/8/2017  
Liberty K-Club 8/8/2017  
Membership Committee 8/8/2017  
Kiwanis Luncheon 8/9/2017 Gibson Hall
Board Meeting 8/11/2017 Eagle Room
Liberty K-Club 8/15/2017  
Issaquah K-Club 8/15/2017  
Business Meeting 8/16/2017 Gibson Hall
District 28 Mgt 8/16/2017  
Kiwanis Luncheon 8/16/2017 Gibson Hall
Kiwanis Garage Sale 8/19/2017 Gibson Hall Issaquah
Liberty K-Club 8/22/2017  
Issaquah K-Club 8/22/2017  
Kiwanis Luncheon 8/23/2017 Gibson Hall
Liberty K-Club 8/29/2017  
Issaquah K-Club 8/29/2017  
Kiwanis Luncheon 8/30/2017 Gibson Hall
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