Issaquah Kiwanis Officers

The Kiwanis Club of Issaquah is part of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Kiwanis Division 28, PNW Division 28 belongs to the PNW Kiwanis District and the PNW District belongs to Kiwanis International.

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2020-2021 Officers:

President:  Barbara DeMichele
President Elect:  Open
Vice President:  Don Robertson 
Secretary:  Marilyn Boyden
Treasurer: Jeri Tolstedt
Past President: Doug Rector

Board Members:

Brian Berntson – Expires 09/30/22

David Bleiweiss – Expires 09/30/22

Molly Blume – Expires 09/30/22

Tori Gaines – Expires 09/30/22

Tony Banic – Expires 09/30/21

Fred Butler – Expires 09/30/21

Joan Probala – Expires 09/30/21

Ric Robinson – Expires 09/30/21


Board Member Emeritus:

Dan Anderson
Leon Kos
Jackie Roberts